About us

Passion and traditions but above all love for our Sicily

Sicilian gastronomic excellences

Agri.cor s.r.l. was born from the idea of ​​two brothers, Salvo and Emanuele Corsaro, but above all from the encounter between Passion and tradition, attention and Love for our Sicily. A family and artisan company, specialized in the sale of typical Sicilian products, able to offer unique and unforgettable taste experiences.
We at Agricor with pride and enthusiasm try to promote our gastronomic excellences, produced in an artisanal way, as was done in the Sicily of the past. Our products are born from family stories, ancient traditions and 100% made in Sicily companies, which over the years have distinguished themselves for the attention and care for their work, thus obtaining genuine products with an authentic flavor.

Why choose us

We carefully choose the best products, respecting those flavors and aromas typical of our land, aspiring to an ever higher quality able to satisfy the most demanding and scrupulous customers.


Guaranteed quality

100% Sicilian Quality Guaranteed. Our land is located on the slopes of Etna, between Bronte and Catania.


Fast shipping

Thanks to the collaboration with various national and international couriers, we are able to guarantee rapid deliveries in Italy and abroad, in order to ensure the freshness of the chosen product.


Genuine products

Our raw materials, expertly selected and processed in an artisanal way and without the use of chemicals, bring with them authenticity, aromas and organoleptic qualities typical of our beloved Sicily.


Secure payments

Pay in total safety! Our most used payment methods in the world include credit and debit cards and other payment methods.

Only the best.

The “true” Sicilian quality
The carefully selected products are processed in a few days and thanks to a short production chain and with the collaboration of several couriers, we are able to guarantee rapid deliveries throughout Italy and abroad, in order to ensure the freshness and unique flavors of our land. .

For catering professionals, bars, hotels, B & Bs, it is possible to order our products, of the highest quality, at very affordable prices. Contact us to request a personalized quote.


We have been cultivating our land on the slopes of Mount Etna for generations and we have carefully selected the best products that can rediscover the genuine and unique flavors of our land.

castagne dell'etna agricor


Once they were considered “the bread of the poor” because they represent a veritable mine of nutritional properties and natural remedies. Now they are used in many dishes in our kitchen, from appetizers to desserts.

noci dell'etna agricor


Walnuts are a precious but accessible source of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the entire body, as well as being a fundamental ingredient for many delicious and delicious recipes.

ciliegie siciliane agricor


Cherries are the typical sweet fruit of the spring season, they contain numerous beneficial nutritional properties, as well as having an irresistible taste!